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Friday, November 26, 2010

Walmart Shopping

Hey Everyone!

Well, my sister convinced me to venture out to Walmart last night.  She wanted to get a couple things for herself and knowing that I am Cricut obsessed, she bribed me with buying me two Cricut Lite Carts for Christmas if I went with her.  (gotta love big sisters, right.... )  What was I to do, I couldn't let her venture out to black Friday shopping alone,

Anyway, it was both of our first Black Friday shopping experience.  I must say it went pretty smooth.  We got to Walmart around 11:40 pm last night, as we were going to one that we had never been to and we wanted to get the lay of  the land before the sale started at 12:01am.  Well, when we got in there it wasn't overly crowded but people were in there already and they were already loading their carts up with the sale items.  We were out of there within 45 minutes and that is taking our time and making the circut twice around the sale items....

The first thing we came to were the Cricut Expressions/carts.  There were 6 Expressions and I must say they were Beautiful!  I started trying to justify in my mind why I could really use another Expression but my wallet said....Hell NO!!  I should not have been out there in the first place.  It was hard to pass it up and I must say, I still keep thinking about the new expressions!  Anyway, I picked up 4 Cricut Lite carts.  Two that my sister bought and two that I bought for myself.  I got Twinkle Toes, 4 Legged Friends, Holly Jolly and Inspired.  Anyway, I am so excited for my new carts!



  1. Yeah, the Black Friday shopping for me was just as smooth. I am glad you got what you wanted. I saw those beautiful expressions, but I could not justify it either. How funny. I also wanted to let you know that you have two more awards to pick up. Have a great day.

  2. Sounds like you scored! I didn't get out to my Walmart until after 1 p.m.....and lo and behold, surprisingly they still had a ton of cricut lite carts and about six Cricut Expression machines left!

  3. my son got me two of the lites too.

    Have fun with your FOUR ones wink-wink lol

  4. i was also at walmart. so happy i was able to get the new purple expression. i wish i could have gotten some cartridges but HAPPY with my new machine.