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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

Hello Everyone!

This week just keeps getting better and better!  I am excited to report that I have been given my FIRST blogger award! exciting is that!  Thanks to one of my most supportive bloggers....Girlia!  Thank you Girlia for this award and for all your awesome compliments on my projects!  I truly appreciate that you take the time to show me love on my blog.

So, in accepting these awards there are a few stipulations that I must follow. 

1. First- Thank and Link this award back to Girlia.  

Make sure you check out her blog.  She is truly talented and I am sure you will be inspired by her work.  She also is an amazing blogger friend, so please go show her some love. 

2. Secondly, I am to share 8 things about myself.  

a. I am a single parent to an amazing 3 year old who keeps me ever so busy!
b. I am newly addicted to crafting and has now become my new shopping addiction!
c. I ventured out at midnight for my First Black Friday shopping experience to buy 4 Cricut Lite was a smooth, successful experience.... (was so tempted to buy another Cricut...which would have been ridiculous!!)
d. I bought my cricut to scrapbook my daughter, yet I have only made one scrapbook layout as....
d. I discovered My Pink Stamper (the first blog I ever went to) and have been primarily using my cricut to make cards and tags...
e. I just recently got a part-time job after being unemployed for the past 1 1/2 years....
f. I am 38 years old and currently live in Atlanta
g.  I have a mini red poodle (was supposed to be a toy) named Karma.  She is beautiful.

Now I have to pass this award to eight people.....I will be back to post this a little later today.


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