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Friday, September 17, 2010

Cricut Imagine/Cricut Circle

Hi All!

I am so excited, I just had to share.  My new Cricut Imagine has arrived!!!!  Yes, I am so excited.  They told me it would arrive around the 23rd, but then I got the knock at the door from the UPS lady a few moments aga... :)

The sad part is I am too tired to open the box.  Also, my craft room is not ready for the Imagine yet.  Lots to do so I can check this baby out and see if it is worth the $500 before my 30 days are up at HSN.  (Gotta love HSN)  Although, I do know myself (the lover of gadgets) so I am sure it will wind up staying.

Also, I am now officially a member of the Cricut Circle!  Woohoo!!  We shall see if it is all that it is cracked up to be. :)

Later guys.  Going to take a nap so I can have some energy.  Plus I have a make and take this evening to attend.   LOL


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  1. I hope you like my friend.. because I just cancel my order.. dont like what I seen so far... so let us know how much you love it.. and you smart thinking about the 30 day return... but because Im also scrapper crazy will be to lazy to return if I dont like,... I did that with the Pazzle inspiration..
    I was not able to cancel the inks, mats and vinyl but yes could be return.. and I just got it today...
    Hope the machine is what you want it to be.. I guess is also de designers... who I seen making project so far.... are not convincing ... good luck my friend.. and hope to get a card from you at christinas swap...