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Monday, September 6, 2010

3rd Birthday Party Invitation

Hi All!

Wanted to share a photo of the invitations for my daughter's 3rd birthday party.  They did not come out as I originally planned.  My daughter and I were both sick the week that I started making the invitations and by the end I was just so happy to have something to give her friends, I didn't care what they looked like.  Not to mention, I ran out of supplies, etc. and was also preparing for our trip to Los Angeles for a week.  (I actually started asking myself why didn't I just buy a couple packs of invitations from Target - but I quickly pushed that idea aside).  How could I justify the amount of money I spend on this hobby and NOT make my own invitations.  LOL!

Anyway, here they are.  Not perfect, but I got them done (25 of them) before we left for Los Angeles.

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