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Friday, January 7, 2011

RUN don't walk to Michaels!!!

I am at Michaels as we speak and they have a lot of carts on clearance for $9.99!!!

Which ones you ask?!!

Pagoda, Sweethearts, Sweet Treats, Disney cars, Paisley, Winter Woodland, Disney Dreams Come True, Stand & Salute, Old West, From My Kitchen. A Childs year, Pooh Friends & Pooh Font, Mickey and Friends, Simply Sweet, Jubilee, Life's a Beach, Wild Card and More!!!

I can't believe it so if there are some carts you been wanting but didnt want to pay alot... Run, don't walk to Micheals!!



So, I went a little crazy in Michaels yesterday.  I just can't pass up a good sale.....
Not sure I will keep all the carts that I bought but the ones that I am most excited about getting are:
A Child's Year (thanks to Dorcas who has created some amazing projects with this cart!)
Sweet Treats (I Think)
Sweethearts (I Think)
Pooh Friends (My daughter loves Piglet)
Disney Dreams Come True (My daughter loves all the princesses)
Life's A Beach (for scrapping vacations)
Lyrical Letters (I Think)
Winter Woodland (not sure....)
Pagoda (even tho I already have it, one of my many favs)

I got a few for a friend who just bought a cricut as a gift for her friend...Paisley, Wild Cards, Sweet Treats.

The ones I got that I don't think I am going to keep are: From My Kitchen, Old West, Cars, Mickey & Friends, maybe Winter Woodland.


  1. Our Michaels said they won't start selling them until Saturday, 1/8, so I hope they have a bunch when I go! What did you get?


  2. OMG you are so funny. I am sure everyone will be doing a mad dash to Michaels. Happy New Nicole

  3. Thank you so much for your congratulations. I really appreciate it! I got Paisley for a giveaway and my friend got Winter Woodlands and Life's a Beach as they were out of Pagoda and Sweethearts (one of my personal faves) Way to capitalize!

  4. I went to my M's and they were wiped out! :( I was so disappointed. Enjoy your new carts!