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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Paper Weight No More....

Hey Everyone,

I just packed up my Imagine to send back to Provocraft.  The faceplate kept falling off and then it stopped cutting.  I did all my updates and nothing worked.  Since we are in a state of emergency here in Atlanta (LOL) due to the snow and ice, I have been off work all week so far.  So I had time to call Provocraft to discuss my issues.

The hold time was a bit long, but once I got a representative on the phone she was extremely nice and helpful.  I now have to send back my Imagine and the carts and when they receive they will ship me out a new one.  Should take about two weeks, according to her.  We shall see.  I just did not feel comfortable keeping this machine with the faceplate falling off, especially considering I have barely used it.  (less than 10 times)

I must say, now that it is off my desk I am enjoying the extra work space.  :)

I will be posting a project in a little bit, if I don't get called in to work before I can download the picture.

Happy Crafting Everyone!!



  1. Hey Nadia, can u please conact me! Thanks

  2. you let them have it girl..keep up calling if you do not get it back in two weeks. :)

    that is what i read on other blogs. never had a bad experience w/pc myself :)